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The Development Authority of Cobb County (DACC) was created by the State of Georgia for the purpose of developing and promoting the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities for Cobb County.

The DACC conducts two fundamental activities to support local economic development: (1) provide access to capital and to other financial incentives that would assist desirable economic development projects; and (2) market and promote Cobb County to new business.


Clark Hungerford Chairman

Donna Rowe Vice Chairman

Jamala McFadden Secretary/Treasurer

Karen Hallacy Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

John c. Bradbury

Courtney Knight

Smith Peck

Nelson Geter Executive Director

Dan McRae Legal Counsel

Financial Incentives

The DACC assists prospective relocating or expanding companies that meet certain criteria by receiving and administering state grant funds, and by serving as a financing conduit that issues Industrial Development Revenue Bonds to help companies borrow money from traditional lending institutions to finance relocation or expansion. Since these are held by qualified financial institutions, no county taxpayer dollars are involved in their issuance. Additionally, competitive, discretionary funds may be available to key projects that create full-time, high-wage jobs and invest significantly into our tax base, providing our schools a high return on investment.

To apply for financing through the Development Authority of Cobb County, fill out our Project Application.

Marketing Cobb County

The DACC partners with Cobb’s Competitive Edge, which serves as the designated single point of contact for economic development prospects interested in sites, relocations, and expansions in Cobb County. Together, they pool their financial resources and human capital to efficiently and effectively market the community at minimum costs.



The DACC receives no county taxpayer funds and is funded solely by service and loan fees related primarily to loan/bond programs administered by the DACC. The DACC is one of few authorities that operate in such a fiscally conservative manner, continuing to provide Cobb’s citizens with the best deal in the region.


Cobb County’s economic development successes achieved in 2011 thanks, in part, to the DACC through its partnership with the Cobb Chamber has resulted in over 23,000 jobs.