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We are committed to supporting business; just ask our local executives
During the past 12 months, the Atlanta Braves have been fortunate to work closely with many individuals from Cobb County who recognized and valued the long-term economic impact and benefits our organization will bring to the community, for decades. The Cobb Chamber’s leadership was at the center of many of these initiatives. They clearly recognized the game-changing environment our new ballpark and mixed-use development will have on the Cobb economy for generations to come. We appreciate their vision and commitment to help us create this unique destination in Cobb County, our new home.
Mike Plant

President of Development, Atlanta Braves

Winners make commitments, Losers make excuses. Throughout our process of creating a world class ball park, this is what we have gleamed from our continued work with Cobb County.
John Schuerholz

Vice Chairman, Atlanta Braves

The Cobb Economic Development team has been a valuable partner in assisting The Home Depot to successfully expand our local corporate presence. Cobb County provides a strong workforce as well as a very attractive place to live for our employees.
Mike LaFerle

Vice President, Real Estate, The Home Depot

RaceTrac is a proud and long-time member of Cobb County and the Cobb Chamber. I have been thoroughly impressed with the their commitment and efforts in helping business of all sizes succeed, with the ultimate goal to better our community. RaceTrac is proud to continue our investment into Cobb County, providing hundreds of quality jobs throughout the Atlanta region.
Brian Thornton

Vice President of Real Estate & Engineering, RaceTrac

The Cobb Chamber and EDGE Economic Development Team has been instrumental in helping us move our Store Support Center office to the Galleria complex this past summer. We now have all three of our corporate offices in Cobb County creating greater team collaboration and efficiency. The Cobb Chamber, one of the most successful Chambers in the nation, offers great support in welcoming corporate partners to the area.
Robert W. Kamerschen

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Secretary, Aaron’s, Inc.

We are a family start-up that began here in Cobb County.  Here, you have a local team that you can utilize for resources in site location, incentives and start-up resources.  Due to those resources our family start-up grew into a national brand.  We started with 5,000 units and we’ve sold over 10 million worldwide.  We were in only 18 storefronts in our first year, now we are in over 20,000.  We are a small publishing house in Georgia – and we have been able to conquer the bestsellers list four times.  With that type of growth you need real infrastructure, both domestically and throughout the world; that is what we have been able to gleam from Cobb County, an opportunity for our business and our employees to flourish.
Christa Pitts

Founder & Co-CEO, CCA and B, LLC / Elf on the Shelf®

We are proud to call Cobb County home for our 1,000 new employees at The Battery Atlanta. In Cobb, there is a long legacy of approachability between the business community & the government leaders; it’s been a great partnership. From my perspective, SelectCobb continues that legacy of the community’s investment into creating a vibrant workforce.
Andy Macke

VP of External Affairs, Comcast

We have been headquartered in Cobb County since 2006, starting with 40 employees and have grown to more than 250. I like to think that Cobb County has fueled our growth and provided our business with the ecosystem to be successful and a magnet for talent. Today, we look at this market as one of the most attractive in the Atlanta area for millennial’s and all employees with safe neighborhoods and the best of public schools.
Kevin Greiner

President & CEO, Gas South

I am excited to have out new corporate headquarters in Cumberland and Cobb County. We looked at many sites for our new tower and corporate development, but the reality of it is, everything seemed to come together. In working with the County, the Development Authority, our decision was easy. This is one of the most business friendly areas of the region. The excitement of the area is wonderful for recruiting the best talent – from the new Atlanta Braves stadium, being the home to both the Atlanta Opera and the Atlanta Ballet and new concert venues and parks, it was wonderful news to our employees.
Rob Garcia

President, Synovus Atlanta (BNG)

Less than 20 miles from the world’s most connected airport and just minutes from Atlanta, the hub of the Southeast and one of the most exciting cities in the world, Cobb is ideally located. With plenty of prime sites to choose from, you’ll easily find the right one for your business.