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MONTAG, an Atlanta-based wealth management firm serving clients across Georgia and the broader U.S., has announced its relocation from Fulton County to Cobb County in January 2023. The new location offers improved accessibility for clients to come into the office and allows the MONTAG team to build relationships in a new region of the firm’s home state.

“First, it’s important to say how thankful I am for the time spent and relationships built out of our Atlanta office. Those walls have represented MONTAG since its inception 40 years ago, and that’s special,” said Ned Montag, CEO of MONTAG Wealth Management. “We’re also thrilled to support our clients in the Cobb County area more closely and provide all of our clients with a more accessible space to meet with their Portfolio Manager. Frequent interaction with our clients is something we pride ourselves on, and it makes up the foundation of MONTAG’s client-wealth manager relationship. I believe, and our team believes, this is an exciting transition that will benefit everyone involved,” Montag added.

MONTAG Wealth Management helps individuals and organizations meet their financial objectives through personalized advice and investment management. The group has been delivering private wealth management and institutional management services for 40 years and has grown to manage over $2B in assets.

“The benefits to our clients are at the forefront of our minds,“ says John Montag, President and Chief Investment Officer at MONTAG,“ and this new location in Cobb County provides more opportunities for us to serve them better. As a relationship-first firm, this move allows us to develop and strengthen relationships with more individuals, their families, and their businesses,” Montag added.

“MONTAG Wealth Management has faithfully served the Metro Atlanta region for four decades. Their move to Cobb allows them to capitalize on our strategic location and diverse business community to best serve their clients.“ says Dana Johnson, COO of the Cobb Chamber and Executive Director of SelectCobb. “We are excited to welcome MONTAG to Cobb and look forward to helping them continue their success.”