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Relief Grants

The Small Business Relief Grant has been established to assist businesses of up to 100 employees with various operational and overhead expenses. The program will be funded by way of a portion of the County’s disbursement of funding via the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. These funds are intended to be used by communities to deal with the impacts of COVID-19. The Cobb County Board of Commissioners has allocated $50 million to be disbursed by SelectCobb to small businesses impacted by the pandemic. The information below will assist companies in properly using and reporting the allocated funds.

Grant Usage Reporting

Prior to beginning your reporting, please review the “How To Report Grant Funds” video. This video will detail which expenses are required for reporting and how to accurately report on each item needed. Failure to accurately report will result in a delay of the second grant disbursement.

As a reminder, after you complete the required reporting, our team will review for completion and accuracy. Once we are complete with the review, your documents will be sent to Cobb County for their review and approval. Once approved by Cobb County Finance, they will cut the check to SelectCobb and we will follow up with you on when you can come and sign for your 2nd check. Because federal funds are being used to fund these grants, all reporting must be approved by both the county and SelectCobb. We anticipate the second round of check disbursements to occur in mid-December, however if we are able to get you your reimbursements sooner we will do all we can to expedite it.

We will review submissions as quickly as possible, but want to be fully transparent with what the process will be like.

When you’re ready, please login on the left to begin the reporting. For a step by step process, please review the email with the attached PowerPoint, that was sent to you regarding your grant disbursement.

Please note that all reporting must be done before December 4 in order to receive the remaining funds awarded for your grant.

If you have any questions about how reporting needs to be done, please let us know and we will be happy to talk with you in more detail. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Have a great day!

Below are the answers to a few FAQ’s:

Am I just reporting on the amount I received last week?

  • NO – Awardees are providing personnel and non-personnel expenses for the full amount of the grant fund, not just the first 50% disbursement.


I’ve only received 50%, does that mean I need to come out of pocket for the remaining 50% in order to complete my reporting?

  • NO – Awardees can use payroll and expenses as far back as April 1 to justify how the full amount of the funds have already been spent. This allows for the second check to become a reimbursement and therefore no additional reporting will be required after you receive the second check.


How do I report if I am Self-Employed, a Sole-Proprietor, or an Independent Contractor?

  • Awardees in this situation will answer yes to the first question – “At the time of the grant application, were you a self-employed individual, independent contractor, or sole proprietor who had no W2 employees during the period of grant eligibility (3/1/2020 – 3/13/2020)?” When you answer “YES” to this question, you will be asked to certify that you will use the funds on your business and that will conclude your reporting. This is not a mistake. The CARES Act has indicated that we need minimal reporting from self-employed individuals, independent contractors, or sole proprietors. If anything changes, we will let you know. If you select this option and you did include employees in your application, your reporting will be denied and you will be asked to amend the reporting in order to receive the remainder of the funds.


Can I use these funds to pay local, state or federal taxes?

  • NO – No taxes can be paid using these funds. As a result, we recommend you over report your personnel expenses, in order to ensure you meet the reporting requirement. For example, if you received $20,000, we would recommend reporting no less than $14,000 on personnel in order to ensure you’re showing us enough reporting once taxes are removed.


Do I have to report monthly?

  • NO – You only need to complete the reporting once. Please submit all of the documentation, showing how you have used the full amount of the grant fund, at once and we will review. If we need any changes or additions from you, we will reach out. When the contract refers to “monthly reporting” it is referencing this one report which must be completed by December 4.


Do I have to use the funds exactly how I outlined in my Application?

  • NO – Awardees do not have to use the funds exactly as they outlined in the application. They must, however, ensure that no less than 60% of the funds are being used on personnel and no more than 40% of the funds are being used on other COVID related expenses.


Can more than 60% of the grant fund be used on personnel?

  • YES – 100% of the grant can be used on personnel. In fact, by doing this, the reporting will become much easier.


Can I use the 60% required for personnel on 1099 contractors?

  • YES – Personnel funds can be used on 1099 contractors, as long as they are individual contractors. Companies that act as 1099 contractors cannot be paid through personnel related funds. Example – If you hire an outside marketing company, but provide them with a 1099 each year, this is not an eligible personnel expense. This is, however, an eligible non-personnel expense.


Are bank statements an acceptable form of documentation for grant funds?

  • NO – Bank statements do not provide us with itemized details for non-personnel expenses. They also do not show us the required items for payroll reporting. Please do not upload your bank statements.


What are some examples of COVID related expenses?

  • Examples of COVID related expenses can include – Rent, utilities, equipment rental, marketing, PPE supplies, inventory etc.


Why can I not upload more personnel or non-personnel related expenses?

  • The number of expenses and payroll uploads are limited. Awardees need to combine all of the necessary documents related to each recorded expense. Please do not upload each payroll page as a separate expense. Upload all of June payroll together, all of July payroll together, etc.
Memorandum of Understanding and Grant Disbursement

Grant awardees will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with SelectCobb to ensure accountability of grant monies. The memorandum will include:

  • The total grant amount;
  • How the funds will be disbursed;
  • Requirements for how the funds are to be used;
  • Agreement to the following accountability measures: 1) reporting of how the funds have been used; and 2) proof of rehiring/retaining employees;
  • A claw back provision stating that companies that do not meet their commitment will be required to pay the monies back to Cobb County;

The funds will be disbursed in two increments: the initial disbursement of 50% of the total grant amount, at the time the Memorandum of Agreement is signed; and a second disbursement of the remaining 50% will be paid to the company once proof of how the full grant amount has been used. This can be done using expenses dated no earlier than April 1st;

Companies that do not provide the proof of rehiring/maintaining their workforce will be subject to the claw back provision of the Memorandum of Agreement; and

Companies must request the second disbursement of grant funds no more than sixty (60) days after the first disbursement is provided.