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“Georgia’s deepwater ports and inland barge terminals support more than 496,700 jobs throughout the state annually and contribute $29 billion in income, $122 billion in sales and $3.4 billion in taxes to Georgia’s economy. (Georgia Ports 2021)”

Additionally, Georgia is the #1 state in infrastructure and logistics. (Area Development)

Trade stats:

Georgia’s export shipments of merchandise in 2020 totaled $38.8 billion

Georgia is the
10th-largest export state in the U.S.

Georgia’s top 5 export markets are China, Mexico, Germany, Korea, and Japan

Georgia has the
largest intermodal hub
in the SouthEast
Georgia has 5,000 miles of rail across the state

Savannah has been the fastest-growing container port in the U.S. for the past 10 YEARS. It is now THE LARGEST PORT IN THE UNITED STATES. This is a major reason
Georgia now ranks number 10 nationally in exports

Exporters can ship to
any country on the globe
by direct or transshipment
Approximately 20 percent of Home Depot’s imports enter through the Port of Savannah

Savannah has achieved more than 12.2 percent of US Market Share as of 2020

and is one of the few ports in the U.S. with two Class 1 railroad facilities on-terminal.


Savannah serves more than 100 lines of steamships, has convenient intermodal connections, state-of-the-art cargo-handling equipment, and value-added services.

Hartsfield-Jackson’s three cargo complexes move
650,000-plus tons
of cargo annually (2019).
The adjacent 250-acre Georgia Foreign Trade Zone site accelerates movement of goods from port, which lowers duties and processing fees for companies.