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Cobb County Government has issued $1 million in CARES Act funding to CobbWorks Inc. to provide a robust Economic Recovery and Humanitarian Assistance Project to more than 230 Cobb residents and employers. Through this project, employers can receive on-the-job training funds, which allows employers to teach new employees the skills necessary to perform a job adequately while reimbursing them for the loss of productivity during the training period.

The project focuses on high demand career fields such as healthcare, IT, advanced manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. It also prioritizes services based on immediate need to include short term and long term priorities. On-the-job training can support large scale hiring while ensuring that a company is able to train their employees correctly.

In the short term, eligible individuals receive education, training, and employment services focusing on high-wage, short-term training programs including apprenticeship models. Participants also have access to supportive services such as child care and transportation as needed. Long term support addresses employment retention and homelessness mitigation through rent assistance.

To aid employers in the wake of a slow economic recovery and encourage hiring, employers can receive assistance with talent recruitment and talent sourcing and 50% wage reimbursement for all eligible new hires, up to $5,000 per new hire.

WorkSource Cobb is currently accepting applicants for the Economic Recovery and Humanitarian Assistance Project. Residents or employers interested in participating in the program can call 770-528-4300 or email information@cobbworks.org.


The CARES Act grant is a program developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to provide assistance with education and employment opportunities that support strengthening the local workforce and economic conditions of our Cobb community.

As the official workforce development agency for Cobb County, WorkSource Cobb is well positioned to carry out the education, employment, training and supportive services necessary to aid in the economic recovery of the Cobb community. CobbWorks Inc. is the private not-for-profit organization operating as WorkSource Cobb.